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提供安大略省 9-12 年级数学和科学授课






Xtend Education 提供独家定制的课程服务

Curriculum Courses


Course Description

The curriculum courses follow the school curriculum closely, mainly to help students:

  • Build a strong foundation  

  • To some extent, expand the content to allow a smooth transition to higher education

  • Develop effective and efficient learning methods and study habits that are even suitable for university studies


For Who

Students who want to lay a good foundation and improve their school performance

Contest Courses


Course Description

The competition courses inspire divergent thinking and further enhances and expands relevant subject knowledge. Our competition courses are aimed at competitions that are most recognized in North America. Participating in these competitions will be very helpful for future university and scholarship applications.

The math competition course focuses on the Waterloo series competitions and the AMC series competitions, we also encourage our students to participate in the COMC contests. The chemistry competition course focuses on the Waterloo series competition.

For Who

students who are solid in foundation, want to develop their thinking, and further enhance their knowledge

AP Courses

Course Description

The AP courses are very useful for US university application and can be counted as course credits at some universities. Compared to the regular curriculum courses, the AP courses cover more content and are more challenging. It requires a lot of work and you need to practice a lot outside the classroom to get good grades.

For Who

Students who need to take the AP exam or want to improve their subject knowledge.


Exclusive Workshops


These courses are exclusively designed by Xtend Education.

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