Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any homework from Xtend Education?

Yes. Homework distribution and submission is through Google Classroom. The instructors will share the classroom code at the first class.

How many students are there in one class?

We limit the class size to 3-6 students.

What course material do you use?

For curriculum courses, we follow the Ontario school curriculum closely. Our instructors have their own teaching guide, which extends and covers more than school material.

For other courses, we have our own material, which are designed according to the specific course requirement and scope.

Is tuition fee tax deductible?

Only summer and winter camps tuitions are tax deductible.

Which payment method do you accept?

We accept cheque, cash and email transfer.

Is there parking lot at the school? 

Yes. There are plenty of free parking spots.


Policies and Restrictions

About registration and tuition

• The registration deadline is two weeks prior to the start of each course
• Tuition fees need to be paid in full at registration
• If the tuition fee is not paid in full by the registration deadline, the registration will be invalid.
• If the student withdraws from school due to personal reasons, the remaining tuition fee can be transferred into school credits and used for other programs.

About the classes cancelled by the school

• If the school cancels a course prior to the fist class (due to insufficient number of students, etc.), the tuition fee will be fully refunded.
• For courses cancelled due to emergencies, bad weather or other irresistible factors (including changes in the teacher's timetable), the school will arrange a compensation class or a corresponding refund
• Under extreme weather conditions during which the school bus service is interrupted in most areas, the school will be closed. We will send a notice via email in this case.

Parent/Guardian emergency contact number

• Please insure that your email address and phone number is valid
• The phone number must be accessible from half an hour before each class to half an hour after each class.

Can I try a class? 

Yes. You are welcome to try a trial class at any time without make any payment. The trial class has to be reserved at least one week in advance. Once determined to register, the trial class fee is to be included in the tuition fee.

Phone Number
Phone Number
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