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Why We Founded

Xtend Education

​Our Story 

Technology is changing the world at an unprecedented pace. Universities need more creative, innovative, and adaptive students. Despite the university admission is getting more competitive, traditional models of elementary and secondary education are not preparing students for the higher education environment that is demanding more and more from the students. So we decided to do something about it.

Xtend Education is for students who want fulfilling, inspiring, and challenging learning experiences. It's about building confidence, developing leadership, enhancing innovation and creation, and becoming extremely adaptive for what happens tomorrow.

Our Story

Meet Our Founders



  • Co-founder of Xtend Education 

  • Master of Electrical Engineering at the University of Waterloo

  • Graduated with a full score of GPA 4.0

  • Winner of STEM competitions 

  • Working at the world-leading company 


Xin graduated from the University of Waterloo with a full score of GPA 4.0 in 2013 and obtained a Bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering. Later, he obtained a Master's degree in the same program. 

Xin’s performance in high school was excellent and has won many awards in various STEM competitions. 

As an engineer, he has been mentoring high school and university students on academic study and career for the past ten years. With his strong passion in education, Xin founded Xtend Education and hopes to pass the effective and efficient learning methods and concepts to all students.



  • Master of Electrical Engineering at the University of Waterloo

  • Bachelor of Electrical Engineering with Management Sciences Option at the University of Waterloo 

  • Registered Professional Engineer 

  • Project Manager of the world-leading company

Cherie is a registered professional engineer in Ontario and has worked at various top engineering corporations such as Bruce Power, Toronto Hydro and IESO.


She graduated from University of Waterloo, Electrical Engineering with Management Sciences Option in 2013 and later pursued Master in Engineering from the same school.


She is passionate about leading the future generation into the STEM industry and developing their interest in cutting edge technologies.

Meet The Founders
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