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Technology is changing the wold at an unprecedented pace. Universities need more creative, innovative and adaptive students. Despite the university admission is getting more competitive, traditional models of elementary and secondary education are not preparing students for the higher education environment that is demanding more and more from the students. So we decided to do something about it.

Xtend Education is for students who want fulfilling, inspiring and challenging learning experience. It's about building confidence, developing leadership, enhancing innovation and creation, and becoming extremely adaptive for what happens tomorrow.

Our Story

What we thrive on

At Xtend Education,

  • we help students build solid foundation in science and math. We extend regular curriculum courses with real-life applications and integrate efficient study methods and learning habits into the courses.

  • we also complement our fundamental curriculum courses with contest courses. We offer students training in science, math and engineering design contests to help them develop strong problem solving skills and ignite their passion and inner creativity in learning science, technology, engineering and math.

We thrive on providing our students a smooth transition to university education and real-life challenges.


Our Story

Heading 1

For The Community

Giving back is why we do what we do. It’s the basis of our curriculum, the foundation of our education model, and the reason we show up day in and day out. Why? Because it matters. 

Education has the power to drive social change. We feel a responsibility to ensure each Xtend graduate feels empowered to make a difference. That’s why we work with nonprofits and charities looking for support through our Community Partnership program.


For The Future

The world is shaped by innovative minds and thought leaders who pushed the boundaries and broke the mould. That's what we aim to find and cultivate at Xtend Education.

We thrive on providing students with the right skills required by the fast-changing world so they can make an impact tomorrow.   


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